At SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION, we do what we preach. We use in our everyday activity software and hardware to ease design, implementation and reporting of our projects. 

We translate technology for everyone to understand it 

SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION acts in the creative industries and promotes innovation encompassing cutting-edge technologies, web and mobile app development, solutions integrating AI, AR, VR, 3D printing, video mapping, blockchain and DeFi. Our collaboration of clients and partners enables us to create unique business solutions that roll out in media and gain great exposure. 

Case Study

Povești de AIci or „Dare To AI” study case on Artificial Intelligence promotion campaign, on the investment round raising occasion  

Rational: Artificial Intelligence was a popular buzz word but people perceived it as it doesn’t belong to them, when, in fact, Artificial Intelligence was already established in their lives: in the music and movie suggestions they receive, in Google searches that pop-out.  

Creative direction: Therefore, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION created a digital campaign „Povești de AIci” or „Dare To AI”, for our client, Knosis, a start-up in Artificial Intelligence, to put the finger on the AI. Literarily. So that, people can relate more.  

Povești de AIci” campaign consisting in a mix of organic, paid and viral media tactics, around the series of 3 video use-cases that imply artificial intelligence and explain how it works, showcasing pre-trained machine learning applications in business, in corporate, agriculture and logistics fields, using Smart OCR, biometrical technology with face recognition and IoT, that smoothens the business processes and saves time and money. 

Tactics and story line

3D Printing

Communicated Braille keyboard prototype designed and made available for free by a Romanian engineer.

Untitled design-3


Collaboration with LDV Bank (currently Tokero) opened up the crypto world to us and the public.

Mobile App Design

Designed ReFEEL App, same day delivery solution awarded with Biz Sustainability Awards for Digital Innovation.


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