Since 2018, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION supports innovative and sustainable initiatives in the creative and cultural industries, by providing communication services, facilitating access to education and training programmes and sheltering audio-video production.

Brand Strategy

We bring our B2B and B2C expertise acquired in large corporation and SMEs from a wide range of industries.

Public Relations

We enhance brand presence through public relations tactics for a seamless reputation for your company.


We are skilled in copywriting, audio-video content creation and editing, so we design and execute impactful 360 degrees advertising campaigns.

Our Credo

Navigating through the granular industries and emerging domains of The 4th Industrial Revolution, we seek for a common ground to speak the same language with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y and Z living in the Global Village.

We strive for finding sustainable business solutions for our clients and redesign communication campaigns around Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line theory, achieving sustainability by taking care of People, Planet and Profit.

I set up SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION blending my academic background in Communications and (Project) Management with the rigorous structure and know-how acquired while working for top-leading companies, awarded PR agencies and mass-media, with my experience gained in NGOs. SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION embodies sustainability and nobility as a way of doing business, as care for people, planet and eventually profit.
Lavinia Iancu

Meet Our Team

Digital natives and genuine tech-savvies put their knowledge into building trustworthy brands through creative solutions. We have a deep understanding of communication channels, design applications and innovative solutions integrating AI, AR and VR and that enables us to create remarkable brand activations.

Lavinia Iancu


Iulian Monea


Ana-Maria Buzoianu


We are led by creativity, strategic thinking, innovation and sustainability and thus provide consultancy for our clients and even develop our own initiatives, as it is ReFEEL App, the same day door 2 door delivery solution, showcased in the premiere of Imperiul Leilor TV show on PRO TV and awarded with Biz Sustainability Awards for Digital Innovation.

Our Services

SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION is a full-service agency developing 360° communication campaigns.
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  • Brand Strategy
  • Public Relations Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Audio-Video Production & Editing
  • Tailor-made business solutions integrating AI, AR, VR

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