Public Relations

Public Relations means reputation management, which has never been more important than now. A permanent internet connection requires an instant response in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution when it comes to online and offline presence for your brand or as a public figure.

How Public
Relations Work

Think of Public Relations as a more general endeavour in comparison to advertising. Advertising features a product or a promotion for a certain organization or brand, it is a genuinely persuasive approach ordered and labelled as such, whereas PR is rather concerned about the category a product belongs to. 

As an example, an e-bike brand running a Public Relations campaign is beneficial to all the other players in the market, because it educates the population in certain areas.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Edward Bernays, considered one of the fathers of modern PR, was asked to increase bacon sales. And what he did was emphasize the importance of breakfast and reiterate the scrambled eggs with bacon recipe.

History of
Public Relations

Public Relations Approaches

Public Relations are a long-term endeavour. It requires patience, perseverance, consistency and, sometimes, stoicism. It also requires a number of communications tactics such as:

  • Press releases
  • Interviews
  • Press conferences or trips 
  • Direct mailing with branded products 
  • Launch events 
  • Attending industry events

PR can use every type of communication

Above the Line (ATL)

  • TV stations 
  • Radio stations 
  • Newspapers 
  • Magazines

Through the Line (TTL)

  • Websites  
  • Blog&Vlogs 
  • Social Media platforms 
  • Video-Stream platforms 

Below the Line (BTL)

  • Events
  • Brand activations
  • Guerilla marketing 
  • Metaverse activations 

PR means everything an organisation does to manage its reputation in relation to the its stakeholders, either internal or external.

  • Employees and potential employees 
  • Trade unions 
  • Shareholders 
  • Clients and potential clients 
  • Suppliers 
  • Partners 
  • Local and national authorities

PR means gaining publicity, free media, with a newsworthy activation that makes journalists, key opinion leaders, influencers and other stakeholders speak about your brand. The most frequent Public Relations contexts are:

Launching a new product

Awards and recognitions received

Company re/branding

Appointing of board members

What criteria information need to meet in order to become news?

Impactful – affect more people

Proximity – area matter

Recent – novelty is crucial

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