Employer Branding

Can't attract the right employees?

Can't retain the employees?

Can't offer competitive advantages?

Increased demand for high-paid wages, high competition in the market for highly specialized professionals and short professional life-span determine companies to take the Employer Branding strategy seriously.   

Finding the right balance between financial remuneration, insightful work experience, compensation and benefits, from medical insurance to wellness subscriptions, may be challenging for HR professionals and managers.   

In a highly competitive job market, talents are difficult to attract and retain. Employees seek meaningful work and pay attention to the employer’s sustainability and responsibility. In this context, companies must offer a proper work environment, fulfilling perspectives of career paths, while staying competitive in the market.

The Employer Branding Specialist must understand HR and communications. This is why SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION has developed a consulting service for companies that want to create a strong employer brand through research and creative execution services for integrated communications campaigns.  

The consulting service for Employer Branding includes the analysis of the competition in the labour market in the targeted field and the development and execution of the employer brand strategy.

Our Services​

Employer Branding Kit (graphic design direction, key messages samples)

The mix of the communication channels relevant to the brand

PR strategy targeting the main organization's stakeholders

Development of Employer Branding Proposition

Key communication messages relevant for the brand

Copywriting services, graphic design, and video content creation

Annual calendar with communication contexts and events

Social media services on the most relevant platforms

Few industries that need employer branding




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