ATL Campaigns

ATL campaign or Above the Line campaign is an often-used jargon in the advertising industry. Advertising goes hand in hand with the evolution of technology and for this reason, „the line” plays a separation role between the traditional and unconventional means of communication, that has evolved at a rapid pace over the past decades. However, ATL mainly refers to the mass-communication media, such as:

Above The Line (ATL) campaigns are designed to create broad brand awareness and visibility, making them a powerful tool for companies looking to establish a strong presence in the market. While digital marketing has gained prominence in recent years, ATL campaigns continue to be an essential part of the marketing mix, especially for businesses with a national or global reach. ATL campaigns represent a traditional marketing approach that focuses on mass media channels to reach a wide and diverse audience. These campaigns typically include advertising activities on platforms like:


media broadcast, TV stations, TV shows


local, national or international radio stream stations


newspapers, magazines, special edition prints


advertorials and special projects

ATL campaigns​


Taking your brand on TV or the main national or international media outlets is not an easy job, and certainly not a cheap tactic your brand would go for. But it is paying off.

ATL media

Traditionally, ATL campaigns refer to TV and radio commercial broadcasts. Choosing the more suited TV stations, TV shows and the broadcast time to touch your target audience requires in-depth analyses of the media landscape.

Key Peformance Indicators in ATL

Good marketing campaigns must successfully balance the budget, the timing, the frequency, in order to reach as many as potential customers in the crucial point of contacts with your brand, leading to acquisition. You think it is easy?

ATL campaigns

Strategy definition

Investigating the technical aspects

Designing the media plan

Choosing the most suited media channels

Ensuring compliance

legal regulations of the domain

Leasing with media

Negotiating and signing ad-placement contracts

Reporting on the performance

Report the main KPIs for the campaign

ATL Campaigns

Our experience consists in designing, implementing and reporting re/branding and promotional campaigns (e.g., Black Friday) for national and international top-leading brands in retail, FMCG and technology. SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION provides integrated communication campaign management, at local, national and international levels, including media buying, designing special projects and advertorials on the generalist and niche media outlets in 9 countries from Central and Northern Europe:

Central Europe

Romania, Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia.

Northern Europe

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland.


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