Creative Projects to enjoy today and tomorrow.

SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION supports sustainable initiatives in the Creative and Cultural Industries fields. It embodies Sustainability + Nobility, as a way of doing business, as caring for the people, planet and eventually profit.


We are a team of passionate freelancers working together to develop integrated communication campaigns and special projects for our clients. 

Since 2018, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION designs creative projects for today. and tomorrow.  Lavinia Iancu has founded SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION to merge her passions:

  • advertising, public relations, as part of the creative industries
  • education and training, for continuous learning
  • audio-video & performance production.

Lavinia Iancu





Lavinia Iancu is a PR/OJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL with 10 years experience, a full-time ENTREPRENEUR since 2020 and a PhD student. She is passionate about creative & cultural industries, social sciences, innovation, technology and sustainability. Lavinia has been working in all types of organisations, from TOP PR agencies to large corporations and mass media, and so acquired valuable insights into B2C and B2B relationships and a 360° perspective upon a wide range of businesses and industries.

Ana-Maria Buzoianu


Account executive



Successfully joggling with school, business and volunteering requires 25 hours/day or … 100% PASSION for what you do. Ana Maria pursues her BA studies in the Public Relations domain within the Faculty of Journalism & Communication Studies in Bucharest, she is part of (wait for it!) 3 non-governmental organizations and… she is our newest and youngest Account Executive. Ana is full of life, creative and open to new horizons and she is passionate about digital media, creation, and interpersonal communication in all its forms.