ReFEEL App is a door-2-door SAME-DAY DELIVERY solution.

Based on the shared-economy principles, ReFEEL App allows:

✅ Sending
✅ Receiving
✅ Transporting

… parcels through drivers who travel, occasionally or regularly, from one city to another and can deliver parcels on their way.

ReFEEL App was initially designed to help students from the countryside who receive homemade food from their parents via train or bus and extended to any kind of delivery people may need.

Thus, ReFEEL App brings communities together: it is the connection with your loved ones, it is the messenger who brings you…
✅ the homemade food when you are away
✅ the patient referral from your physician at home that you need right away
✅ or maybe the fluff from your closet, when the weather takes you by surprise.