BTL Campaigns

BTL or Below the Line defines UN/Conventional marketing techniques that engage brand’s audience in meaningful conversations. Interactive, innovative and rather small-scale and narrow-targeted campaigns, BTL significantly increases customer loyalty through a fusion between 2D, 3D and digital assets. 

What tactics can be used for BTL marketing?

Special events

  • Sponsored events 
  • Conferences 
  • Concerts 
  • Business Meet-ups 
  • Brand activations  
  • Sampling campaigns 
  • Flash mobs

Special projects

  • 3D printing for displays 
  • Indoor/Outdoor pop-up stands 
  • Gimmicks 
  • Props 

BTL marketing must come as a natural association in-line with your brand positioning and conveys your key message among the targeted audience. 

Why use BTL Campaigns?

Using BTL campaigns, will help your brand to be...


Stand out of the crowd and reach new audiences


Create out of the ordinary experiences


User-generated content and free publicity

Out of the box

Bust the clichés in your domain and beyond


Overcome the 3-sec attention span era


Creative ideas that spread the word of mouth

Fill in the communication brief and let’s design creative projects to enjoy today. And tomorrow!


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