SUSTENOBIL, in the top most visible PR agencies in Romania

Since September 2022, SUSTENOBIL has been included in the Top ZeList Monitor dedicated to PR agencies in Romania.

ZeList Monitor is a Blogosphere, Twittersphere and online media monitoring and analysis service. The service monitors over 70,000 sources and provides alerts, reports and detailed graphs for the terms you want to monitor.

In October 2022, SUSTENOBIL ranked 9th in Facebook’s Top Players, alongside agencies with a history in communication and considerably more budget, generating contextual 100% organic content. SUSTENOBIL now aims for the pole position.

Facebook Top Players is guided by the brands included in Facebook Activity and considers the following brand indicators: Fans, Posts, Interactions and Share of Voice.

The SUSTENOBIL Facebook page registered significant increases in October compared to previous months, which is why it surpassed the top:

  • Page Impressions: +1,808, a +108% increase from 1,675 (September 2022) to 3,483, of which Viral Reach represented 33%  
  • Daily Page Reach: +85%  
  • Engaged Users: 164%  
  • Engagement Rate: +42%, rising from 5.85% to 8.28%, above the average of many Facebook pages in the same category

The Best Performing Post recorded a total Reach of 1,150 this month, 1050% more than an average post.

SUSTENOBIL’s presence in the ZeList Top, alongside the big players in the market, confirms that small agencies can be agile and produce organic, multi-format content, interesting for the community.  

SUSTENOBIL community

SUSTENOBIL is active on all Social Media pages, including LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Join the SUSTAINABLE Partners Facebook community.

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