KPIs in Print Media

KPIs, or The „Key Performance Indicators” are all that matter in the corporate world. Professionals measure everything, trying to assess the impact of their work. Since mass media were invented, marketing professionals have been trying to establish how many people see their work and how it influences them. Each communication channel has its own KPIs, with slight varieties.

For instance, print media measures how many magazines / newspapers are printed out and how many impressions they register. In other words, a newspaper is read by more than 1 person who actually bought it. As a brand, if you had an ad in a magazine, you would probably want to know: 
➡️ the traffic, or how many magazines/newspapers were printed
➡️ the placement, on which page you place your ad:
📰 cover page
📰 right side
📰 left side page
➡️ the size of your ad, a full-page ad or just a tiny ad?
➡️ the customer acquisition cost
➡️ the engagement rate of your ad etc.
Considering the medium, you can create personalised ads, for example, you can promote a voucher code only available in that specific magazine, and this way you can measure the conversion rate of your ad. Read more on SUSTENOBIL Blog and request your personalised offer on