2021 in review

2021 has been about consolidating business and contributing to promoting sustainability. Since 2018, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION supports innovative and sustainable initiatives in the creative and cultural industries, by providing communication services, facilitating access to education and training programmes and sheltering audio-video production.


We bring our B2B and B2C expertise acquired in corporations and SMEs from a wide range of industries.


We enhance brand presence through public relations tactics for a seamless reputation for your company.


We are skilled in copywriting, audio-video content creation and editing, so we design and execute impactful 360 degrees advertising campaigns. For the past year, we have been working with corporations, start-ups, SMEs and NGOs in the creative industries, tech, health care and production industries.
In 2021 we welcomed in our portfolio Serial 1, Leea Toys, AmParcat, Teatrul Apropo, ALSO Medical, Nifron, and 2 new clients you will soon find out about, as well as we consolidated our collaboration with Knosis and Scoala de Valori. We are grateful for the trust and collaboration and can’t wait to develop further projects together.
In 2021 we went international by managing Serial 1, powered by Harley-Davidson, presence in 5 countries from Central Europe (#Romania, #Hungary, #Czech Republic, #Slovakia, #Poland), taking the brand in prime-time, covering general, business, cycling and tech media outlets.
In 2021 we reinforced the team and strengthened the strategic partnerships with graphic designers, developers and videographers to offer integrated business solutions and 360 degrees communication campaigns integrating AI, 3D printing and rendering & live video stream.
In 2021 we worked smarter, not harder, we invested in tools and acquired new #software that allows us to deliver quicker and professional services with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and thus automated processes.
In 2021 we contributed to promoting sustainability and responsibility through Sfat – Dialog intergenerațional despre sustenabilitatea de apartament and the DIY 3D Braille Keyboard designed by Rares Manolache.
In 2021 we were honoured to receive Biz Sustainability Awards for Digital Innovation for ReFEEL App, our same-day delivery solution using crowdsourcing, and that flatters us and fuels us with sustainable energy to kick-off the business we have been building, rebuilding, pivoting for 2 years now.
 In 2021 we have been contributing to promoting education by providing training sessions together with Scoala de Valori and sharing our knowledge about how to build a communication campaign with students from Școala Națională de Studii Politice și Administrative – SNSPA at Miruna‘s invitation. We also started our educative series „IN-HOUSE BLOG” on communications and created SUSTENOBIL Partners Facebook group to share meaningful insights.
In 2021, Lavinia Iancu, founder @ SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION, started her #PhD with her thesis called „Sustainable Management in the #GIG Economy: traditional vs. GIG business models in the delivery sector”.